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The Land




The flame of patronal celebrations mingle with the gentle and pleasant colours of ceramics that, for centuries take shape in workshops of local artisans, with traditional parades through old houses, which still endure to escape towards the urban dimension, with the fertile land of the slopes of the extinct vulcano of Roccamonfina.
Our territory comprises two small villages that, under the shade of Mount Massico, take us back to other times where it seems that time has stopped.
The hill towns that connect Sessa Aurunca and Carinola, each bear witness a rich hitory, which is still visible everywhere: the art of pottery in Cascano (of which is still the art expression, Master Fulvio Vellone), the grape harvest festival of Casale (where between the vineyards of St. Paolo hill, the new harvest produced is celebrated), the feast of St. Giuseppe in Cascano (in which the devotion to the holy patron of the village merges with the coming of Spring, greeted on the verge with torchlight walks, the offer to all visitors of the typical homemade bread, “Coccetella” and of the traditional minestra of chickpea and beans in the evening, “Menestella“, before the big religious ceremony).
Tiny hamlets, but a living part of the prestigious soils of Falerno (Ager Falernus) immortalized by classical and Roman authors, who have presented the supreme expression of history: Falerno wine. Catullo’s verse companion, a supporter of wonder of Trimalcione in Petronio’s Satyricon, the Falernian lead to this day half thousands year of wine-growing history. An ancient and generous land, whose traditions have been softly passed down.
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